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Vacuum packaging machine

Continuous filling & Sealing Machine

  • 1. Xinjie/Delta/Siemens PLC;
    2. German Elmo Rietschle/BUSCH vacuum pump;
    3. Xinjie/Delta/Siemens touch screen;
    4. Taiwanese AirTAC pneumatic elements;
    5. Delixi electric appliance.
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Box/Cup (bowl) type continuous filling and sealing machine integrates many functions, such as plate walking, automatic cup falling, automatic filling, automatic coding, automatic sealing, automatic cup out, etc., with high production efficiency and precise positioning.
This machine adopts the combination of gas and electricity, the voltage is 380V/50HZ or customized. The machine is suitable for packing PP, PE, PET, aluminum foil and other materials, suitable for any type of box and cup sealing, etc. The whole machine can adopt programmable logic controller, intelligent digital display temperature control system, with high sealing strength, good sealing, and low failure rate.
We can equipped liquid level control automatic feeding system, automatic cup fall system, automatic filling (quantitative) system, automatic sealing, automatic coding, and automatic cup. Functions can be added or reduced according to requirements.

structural composition :
1, the frame part: made of high quality stainless steel welding, contact with the ground with strong bolts. 
2, the transmission system: motor, reducer, CAM segmentation, template, drive chain, etc. 
3, cup system: by frame, slide rail, cup warehouse storage, push a cup to cylinder, etc. It controlled by PLC system, send signal when template stop synchronous control action is completed.
4, filling system: the material storage cylinder is made of 304 stainless steel, which adopts measuring cup type quantitative filling, quantitative accuracy.
5, coding system: automatic ribbon coding (constant temperature control) adjustable, can quickly replace the word code. Easy to load and unload
6, film calibration system: photoelectric eye tracking automatically correct the film pattern and box mouth alignment. 
7, sealing system: adopting constant temperature (temperature control) hot-pressing sealing twice. 
8, out of the cup system: slide, slide block, variable speed motor, mounting bracket. 
9, the control system: adopting the touch screen, PLC programmable control, and simple operation.
Main technical parameters
Power source: 380V/ 50Hz (three-phase four wire, can be set according to requirements)
Sealing temperature:0-200℃ Adjustable
Packaging speed:About 3000 cup/hour
Total weight:About 1000kg
Overall Dimensions:About 4500~4800X1000X1750mm (The width of the machine depends on the sample)



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