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Pre-sale service

      Our pre-sale engineers provide solutions of production to potential customers according to the information which is provided by potential customers. (Include: Primary need of customers, Corresponding Solutions for customers, Product Introduction, Production Information for the related products, Return On Investment/Production efficiency Analysis, etc.)
      Our service personal will introduce the theoretic knowledge, working theorem, electronic theorem, structure and provides the parametric, technological process, method of operating to the potential customers.

      swallowmachine@163.com(General manager)

      swallowmachine1@163.com(Sales manager of Mr. Dany is responsible for America and Africa)
      swallowmachine2@163.com(Sales manager of Mr. John is responsible for Europe and Russian region)
      swallowmachine3@163.com(Sales manager of Mr. Jamil is responsible for Asian(except Russian region) and Australia)
      swallowmachine@sina.com(After-sales service for food machine)
      swallowmachine@126.com(After-sales service for advertising equirment)



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