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Weifang Swallow Flying Company provide one-on-one full service for all machinery, it include but not limited to:

1. Pre-sale service:
Our pre-sale engineers provide solutions of production to potential customers according to the information which is provided by potential customers. (Include: Primary need of customers, Corresponding Solutions for customers, Product Introduction, Production Information for the related products, Return On Investment/Production efficiency Analysis, etc.)
Our service personal will introduce the theoretic knowledge, working theorem, electronic theorem, structure and provides the parametric, technological process, method of operating to the potential customers.

2. In-sale service:
There's possibility of customer demand changing because of various reasons during our machinery manufacturing, we can do our most meet the need of buyers.
Under the condition that normal production/cost is not affected, our talented team will consider combine aesthetics, form and function recommend to buyer or modify according to customer. If you have already prepared a design for your product yourself, we can cooperate with you to reach this design before mould production.
In a word, products start manufacture not means it end; we apply ourselves to refining your product for aesthetic appeal, functionality and performance using a variety of design techniques. All In-sale service aim at enhancing your market shares and making it easy for you to achieve the biggest benefits.

3. After-sale service:
Our commitment to all machinery one-year warranty, life-long technical support. We will provide full sets operation instruction (pictures/videos) help customer understand machinery operation free, and will send professional engineers not free on-site guidance to install/debug/guide/teach.
Our company offer technology training to customer. The content for training is structure and maintenance of mould, control and operation of mould. Training is in the workshop of customer. Seasoned technician will guide and establish training outline. After training, the technician of buyer could master the operation and maintenance, could adjust the process and treat different failures. It involves but not only: 1. Decrease operation costs; 2. Decrease the problem to be born with the parts and mold will have; 3. Decrease total development time and the amount of time in trying molds; 4. Increase the quality of finish good products; 5. daily maintenance of the equipment.
For quality guarantee accessories within warranty period, we will provide new parts for replacement free of charge immediately if any problem occurs under the condition that the buyer runs the mould properly. Beyond the period of warranty, we only charge the cost if need new parts. We will provide technological support for life.
Customer can require pay for extended warranty, all after-sales service make the entire production line more stable, smooth, reduce the labor costs and use for a long time.




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