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Vacuum packaging machine

Vacuum skin packing (VSP) machine automatic cutter

  • 1. Siemens (Mitsubishi) PLC;
    2. German Elmo Rietschle/BUSCH vacuum pump;
    3. Siemens touch screen;
    4. Taiwanese AirTAC pneumatic elements;
    5. Japan Omron optoelectronic tracking.
  • Manual
  • Specification

Vacuum skin packaging Machine, in short known as VSP, which is used vacuum sealing between the transparent vacuum film and the chassis. The skin packaging uses vacuum suction to shape the product paste on the cardboard (or bubble paper or other bottom plate). The transparent skin film is heated to softness and then cover on the product. It can keep the products natural color and fresh, own double effect of foods freshness and perfect visual display effect (strong three-dimensional sense).
It is a kind of automated forming and vacuum skin pack equipment. Apply to Food packaging for restaurant, shop, supermarkets, household, and food processing plants. It can be used for frozen, cold or fresh food, as well as any product which can be put in a container, such as microwave food, preserved foods, cold/hot food, agriculture products, dry food, cosmetics, medicine, or plastic items, and especially pack top grade products such as meat, seafood, fish, codfish, salmon, shrimp, steak, sausage, etc. It can maintain the freshness, aroma, color and taste of natural products.
Skin packaging machine has the advantage of wide scope of usage. The basic material for skin packaging have: cardboard, corrugated board, bubble sheet, skin film. The packaging method is flexible and efficient, it suitable for the packaging of fragile or deformed products especially. It mixes function of vacuum sealed, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, dust-proof and antiseptic, which can effectively protect product quality and extend product life. The most important no need skillful operator.
The working principle explains:
Vacuum skin packaging machine uses special films(composite film with low viscosity) that gently surround the product and seal over the entire surface of the pack, it like a second skin, preserving shape, texture and product integrity, it’s used for a premium retail presentation.
With high barrier vacuum packaging film, the oxygen can be blocked, and the reproduction of aerobic bacteria can be suppressed under low temperature environment further, and the natural color of the product can be preserved and protected for longer. It can prevent the ice crystal from being produced when refrigerated and prevent the product surface from cracking due to frost burn.
It’s skin packing, so consumers can partially open the packaging if we put several products in one big chassis, and then put the products of remaining packaging back into the fridge, it continue to be refrigerated for later consumption, which is very convenient and hygienic.
Technical specification reference (all data customized requirement acceptable):
1, Power: AC380V/50HZ or customized
2, Effective sealing size: according to customer requirement
3, Film width: according to customer requirement
4, Air compression: 0.6~0.8Mpa
5, Output: 3~4 times X tray quantity/minute
6, Average power: about 6.5KW/h
7, Machine weight: about 300Kg
8, Machine size: about 1500*1080*1600MM

Our vacuum skin packing machine features:
*Rigid structure is made of stainless steel and corrosion resistant aluminum, it ensure the highest food hygiene standard.
*Simple design promotes easy maintenance.
*We can design touch screen display with your local language, PLC and control system provides a user-friendly interface, humanized design, error message display.
*Very safe operations due to use multiple impact resistant aluminum heating panels with Telfon coating.
*German Elmo Rietschle/Busch pump can perform independent vacuum packaging.
*Adopt high speed and high precision positioning film design, and adopt imported Japanese Omron photoelectric tracking, system control.
*The mold of packaging and cutting part adopts independent guide pillar guide structure, so that the frame body is not deformation by force, the main body of the equipment will not produce deformation and vibration, mold debugging is convenient and fast, so that there will be no deviation between the upper heating plate and the mold below.
*Double starting button and Emergency-stop, safety ensured. The equipment is equipped with warning and protection systems such as power lack phase, inverse phase and voltage too high, too low, leakage, etc., which is convenient for operators to use and adjust.
*One-time punching cutting with easy tearing mouth to ensure beautiful appearance, generous and convenient.
*Heavy duty designed compact construction.
*Equipped whole imported silica gel pad has good toughness and better sealing effect.
*Easily removable covers, Minimal maintenance.
*Equipped waste recovery coiling device optional.
*Safety and health aluminum molds.
*The quality of the interface is reliable, stable and fixed, which can effectively improve air pump inflation and work efficiency;



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