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Vacuum packaging machine

Small desktop modified atmosphere packing machine

  • 1. Xinjie or Siemens/Delta PLC;
    2. Top brand vacuum pump;
    3. Xinjie or Siemens/Delta touch screen;
    4. Automatic feeding and receiving;
    5. Schneider/CHINT electrical apparatus element;
    6. Small equipment is economical and practical.
  • Manual
  • Specification

The small desktop modified atmosphere packing machine is small size MAP machine use for shop mainly, it adopts method of modifying the composition of the internal atmosphere of a package in order to improve the shelf life. It used for the short shelf life food products such as meat, fish, poultry, and dairy because of oxygen existing mainly.
The working process similar to the vacuum packing machine, cover the trays with thermoforming film material firstly, and then exhaust the air inside the vacuum chamber, and then fill modified gas into tray, and after that seal the trays. Whole process happens in a closed chamber.
The working principle is uses different functions of gases to inhibit the growth and reproduction of most microorganism and bacteria that cause of food deterioration, reducing the speed of the metabolism so as to keep food fresh and prolong shelf life. It changes the traditional practice of using various preservatives to keep food fresh. It reduces the amount of oxygen (O2) in the headspace of the package. Oxygen can be replaced with nitrogen (N2), or carbon dioxide (CO2) and so on inert gas. Of course, we can fill in O2 also. It will largely help lock moisture and avoid liquid in the tray from flowing, thus to provide a longer shelf life, beautiful finishing looks and increase product quality.
It is suitable for packing both solid products like beef steak, sausage, bacon, ham, cheese and soft product, for example all kinds of seafood like sea cucumber, abalone, and fish fillet. Also it is capable of packing liquid sauce. Meanwhile, it is especially suitable for packaging live products. 
Technical specification reference (all data customized requirement acceptable):
At present, pack two boxes of 22*16CM one time and 30*20CM/cycle is regular size. But this machine is customization for any size and shape. We take tray size of 30*20 as an example:
Mold size: 420*300*Maximum height 100MM
Operating voltage/power: 220V 50Hz/2.5KW
Air source pressure: 0.6~0.8Mpa
Frequency of packing: 4~5 times/minute
Packaging film width: 300MM
Appearance size of equipment: 1000*1050*1200MM
Weight: 80Kg
* Our SDMAP machine is ideal packaging solution for various containers, including plastic trays, cups, bowls, etc. It can use vacuum packing alone with adjustable vacuum degree; or use seal packaging alone with adjustable pressure; or realize vacuum-gas-seal packaging with adjustable air filling capacity.

* Our SDMAP machine is ideal packing equipment for various types of food products. We can equip coding system and it's easy to integrate with metal detection, weighing, labeling system also.
* Control system: Use Delt or Xinjie or German Siemens PLC, together with corresponding touch screen, easy to set and modify operation parameters, ensures accuracy and stability.
* Pallet mold in and out is "manual push and pull" usually, economic and practical. Cylinder driven automatic entry and exit optional.
* Temperature control system use individual termperature controller usually and will design to different channels according to trays quantity, higher precision. Integrate into PLC is optional. 
* Split type heating plate with grids, guarantees better sealing quality.
* Molds materil is Aluminum magnesium alloy, high strength, durable, corrosion proof.
* Photoelectric tracking system optional.
* Whole machine is made of SUS304 food grade stainless steel with more strength, more stability, and no deformation.
* Equipped with emergency stop/phase sequence protector, it can be terminated in case of abnormal condition for all ongoing work programs.
* Imported silicone grease sealing ring, guarantees better sealing quality.
* Specially designed cutting system, integrated alloy blade, longer service life, easy to change.
* Design multi molds according to trays of customers individually.
* Automatic film feeding, more sanitary. 
* Small machine size and can move easily.
* Automatic waste film recycling system.
* All working parameters can be accurately controlled to ensure the ideal sealing effect.
* Easy for maintain and operate.
* Supporting air compressor together.
* Customize wider/deeper chamber acceptable, max tray depth can be 120mm.
* Voltage can be customized as required.
* The material of trays can be PP/PET/aluminum foil/paper. 
* It can complete packing films and boxes made of different materials, such as composite film, single film and co-extrusion film, for sealing packaging.
We suggest whole machine adopts international famous brand electrical components, reliable quality, CE standard as the design criterion, safe operation.
About filling gas:
Different food needs different preservation gas composition and proportion.
There're three types of commonly used gases in MAP packaging usually, they are CO2, O2, and N2.
CO2: Inhibit the growth of aerobic bacteria.
It is a bacteriostatic gas that inhibits the growth and reproduction of bacteria. Its characteristics are following:
(1) the best bacteriostasis was in the lag period of the bacterial reproduction curve.
(2) It is easy to dissolve in water and fat at low temperature.
(3) It has bacteriostatic effect on most aerobic bacteria, but not on anaerobes and yeasts.
(4) The minimum concentration of bacteriostasis is 30% usually.
O2: It keep fresh cell sleep but still alive.
It has three functions:
(1) Inhibiting the growth and reproduction of anaerobic bacteria;
(2) Maintain the red color of fresh pork, cattle and mutton;
(3) Maintain animal, fresh fruits and vegetables' metabolism and aerobic respiration.
N2: Protect good tray shape under atmospheric pressure.
Inert gases, which do not react with food, are used only as filling gases for mixed gases.



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