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Vacuum packaging machine

Continuous belt conveyor horizontal vacuum packing machine

  • 1. BUSCH/Elmo Rietschle vacuum pump 200/300m3/h;
    2. Reducer lifting more stable;
    3. AirTAC brand cover cylinder optional;
    4. Schneider electrical apparatus element;
    5. Delta PLC touch screen.
  • Manual
  • Specification

This Continuous belt conveyor horizontal vacuum packing machine is suitable for production of vacuum bags products with vacuum process. It is especially suitable for large volume product packaging, very convenient with subsequent processing such as hot water shrink machine, belt conveyor line matching, can greatly improve the packaging efficiency of products in meat specially.

Machine Parameter:
1, Useful sealing length: 850/1000/1100mm, Standard model CBCH-850: 850mm.
2, Useful central distance between two bars: 650mm~760mm, Standard model CBCH-850: 760mm.
3, Distance from sealing bar to loading plane: 50~80mm, Standard model CBCH-850: 50mm.
4, Depth of vacuum chamber (Effective packing thickness): 150~200 mm, Standard modle CBCH-850: 180mm. 
5, Equip 200/300 m³/h vacuum pump.
6, Machine Size: 2300~2700 x 1050~1200 x 950~1300 mm (Lift up to 1500 with external controller), Standard model CBCH-850: 2270*1173*1235mm.
7, Vacuum chamber size: 950~1200 x 750~850 x 200~250 mm, Standard model CBCH-850 effective size:  850*710*180mm.
Main Confirguration:
1, the frame of the machine is made of square tube steel and all external surface use SUS304 stainless steel, ensure the strength and durability of the whole machine. 
2, the vacuum workroom adopts SUS304 stainless steel plate with thickness of 6mm and adopts reinforced structure to ensure that the workroom will not deform during the long period of use. Other plates are made of SUS304 stainless steel, and the control box can be independent heightening (optional and should tell the manufacturer in in advance), adopts waterproof structure to prevent water from entering the box during possible cleaning.
3, the belt conveyor system adopts tensioning mechanism and guarantee belt is completely smooth when it is rolling. 
4, the vacuum system adopts 200m³//h (300m³/h optional but need extra charge) vacuum pump. Stable performance, and effectively reduce noise pollution, vacuum pipeline control using 50mm large diameter gas control valve, to eliminate the high-power solenoid valve prone to failure.
5, adopt special Industrial PLC for machine management - DELTA/XINJIE/ORMON PLC to control, ensure high precision and stability. The whole machine has the function of phase sequence protection to prevent the motor fault caused by wiring errors. Each motor contactor is equipped with a thermal protector to strengthen the protection of the motor. Standard model CBCH-850 use XINJIE.

6, the vacuum room lifting system adopts vertical lifting mode and use reducer OR slider & air cylinder, guarantee the lifting more stable and reliable. Standard model CBCH-850 use slider & air cylinder.

Technical Features:

1, performance parameters – about 2~4 cycles / min
For example, If you use 1100 model,  efficiency according to bag size 150X250mm: 7 bags on one sealing bar*2 sealing in vacuum room one time* (2-4 times)/minute = 28~56 bags/minute.
2, control panel with color touch screen, menu multi-language can do customized local language. (The buyer shall provide a local language in contrast to English, except for a special language that cannot be entered into the PLC system)
3, double sealing bar in vacuum room and with separate adjustment of sealing parameters on each bar is optional.
4, equip system for checking the health of electric components.
5, machine equipped with mobile wheel with brake and adjustable feet +/- 50 mm.
6, standard loading products right or left symmetrically (The vacuum chamber lifting guide post is usually on the opposite side of the machine (one side). If it is necessary to design the machine to be absolutely symmetrical on both sides, the maunfacturer should be informed in advance)
7, in-feed conveyor belt with electronically adjustable speed.
8, conveyor suitable for food process and it is blue colour usually, white/green colour is optional.
9, conveyor equip with mechanical connections for easy release, maintenance and cleaning.
10, accurate positioning and easy to adjust.
11, only one seal in the vacuum chamber can be used by parameter setting is optional.
12, Flat/Two/M shape different sealing system on request (Standard with M shape, longer service life)
13, sealing temperature can be adjustable with time to suit for different products.
14, use air bag to control sealing pressure. Air cylinder is optional.
15, it is easy to set up HMI and operations and 5~10 storable working programs (Standard model is 5.
16, Multilanguage can be customized and Possibility to use password protection for working data.
17, Control of vacuum pump from machine - START and STOP.
18, Front and rear electromechanical START / STOP / EMERGENCY buttons.



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