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In-sale service

     There's possibility of customer demand changing because of various reasons during our machinery manufacturing, we can do our most meet the need of buyers.
     Under the condition that normal production/cost is not affected, our talented team will consider combine aesthetics, form and function recommend to buyer or modify according to customer. If you have already prepared a design for your product yourself, we can cooperate with you to reach this design before mould production.
     In a word, products start manufacture not means it end; we apply ourselves to refining your product for aesthetic appeal, functionality and performance using a variety of design techniques. All In-sale service aim at enhancing your market shares and making it easy for you to achieve the biggest benefits. 

      swallowmachine@163.com(General manager)

      swallowmachine1@163.com(Sales manager of Mr. Dany is responsible for America and Africa)
      swallowmachine2@163.com(Sales manager of Mr. John is responsible for Europe and Russian region)
      swallowmachine3@163.com(Sales manager of Mr. Jamil is responsible for Asian(except Russian region) and Australia)
      swallowmachine@sina.com(After-sales service for food machine)
      swallowmachine@126.com(After-sales service for advertising equirment)



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