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Thermoshrinking machine

Skin packaging machine

  • 1. High quality heating tube;
    2. Chinese top brand electric parts;
    3. Humanized operation panel;
    4. Vacuum reserving tank optional;
    5. Slidable work table optional.
  • Manual
  • Specification

The skin packaging machine is mainly suitable for hardware and tools, such as all kinds of locks, screw, also used in electronic element, stationery, tableware, toys, auto parts and all kinds of small goods, etc. After the skin packaging goods can be moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, transparent and beautiful, the machine can also be used in blister cover processing. The packaging method is place the product on the printed paperboard (or bubble cloth and other base plates); it will finish heating, vacuum extraction and sealing automatically in one time.
It’s one most economical vacuum skin packaging machines.
Its working principle is heat film soft, and then let the film cover the product together with backboard closely under the vacuum absorption.
Technical specification reference (all data customized requirement acceptable):

Our machinery advantage:
1. Products regardless of size, shape, single or combined, one-time sealed packaging, without any mold, convenient, flexible, practical and efficient.
2. Strong three-dimensional sense, clearly visible products, effectively enhances the sense of product value and grade.
3. The product is completely fixed between cardboard and film, dustproof, shockproof and moisture-proof.
4. Compared with traditional protective packaging, the packaging volume can be reduced, and storage and transportation costs can be reduced.
5. High grade ultra transparent visual display packaging, greatly enhance the competitiveness of the product market.
6. Heated with Halogen lamp (low heating rate but stable performance) or nickel-chrome wire (high heating rate but fragile). 
7. Manual or automatic feeding can be customized.
8. With digital time relay system to easily control.
9. The cutter is equipped with hot-box and protective cover, safe, hot box automatically moves Thermostat, special permutations and combinations of far-infrared heating pipe, heating quickly and evenly.

Hot water shrink tank 没有了!



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