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Thermoshrinking machine

Internal recycle heat shrink tunnel

  • 1. High precision temperature controller;
    2. Independent adjustment temperature;
    3. Fingerprint-proof plate;
    4. Overtemperature warning;
    5. Frequency converting control.
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  • Specification

Heat shrink tunnel is a piece of shrink wrap packaging machinery. It will provide heat to shrink film and the shrink wrap will cover products in chamber. It transit by conveyor belt automatically. Heat shrink tunnel can be used for home or industry. It is one sophisticated equipment not as heat gun, its shrinks wrap more evenly, creating a more sleek and professional appearance than shrink wrap treated with a heat gun.
Our machine uses far-infrared radiation Stainless steel tube heating to directly heat the PVC/POP shrink film to achieve perfect shrink packaging. Electronic variable speed, solid-state voltage regulator temperature control, stable and reliable, used in food, beverages, candy, culture Shrink packaging of supplies, hardware tools, daily necessities, chemical products, etc.
Technical specification reference:

Our machinery Features:
1. Appearance beautiful, the fuselage uses fingerprint resistant sheet and then do spraying plastic coating.
2. Control panel using programming system, 12V DC input with button switch, digital display.
3. Transmission using 24V DC motor, speed control using variable frequency technology, it’s 0-9 gears adjustment, save power.
4. The conveyor belt can be used wire mesh belt or chain roller or Teflon mesh belt.
5. Heating using 600W 220V far infrared quartz heating tube or Stainless steel tube heating.
6. Temperature control using high precision intelligent temperature control system, up and down temperature independent regulation, shrinkage temperature adjustable
7. Hot air circulation using 220V 60W 2200 to the long axis motor with wind wheel.
8. The bracket can be disassembled, and the height of the bracket can be adjusted.
9. Longer type packaging effect is more perfect, more efficient and energy saving.
10. Advanced technology, higher & more stable performance.
11. Top-brand electric appliances.
12. Fully enclosed heating internal recycle type, can realize perfect package performance.
13. Internal oven wall adopt stainless steel plate.
14. Laser punch hole, smooth and nice, realize average heating
15. Shrink oven dimension and cutting machine can be customized depending on the package size and your requirements



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